Something something seven

Um, hello.
It’s morning/afternoon/dinner time.
It my morning, your afternoon, apparently my dinner time.
Last night has made me feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Makes me wonder whether I’ve gone back too soon?
I am out in the yard tonight, it’s roughly a mile round to do a patrol, so in order to get my exercise in and what not I shall do patrols by foot and not use the van unless it’s an emergency. I will get up and about and use my legs as much as possible. Does that count?
Hmm maybe doing any sort of athon, challenge whilst trying to get over an operation and go back to night shifts/general shift work isn’t totally advisable.
I feel down, weepy and a bit blergh.


9 thoughts on “Something something seven

  1. mutteringmummy says:

    Big hugs for you lovely. Hope that feeling passes soon. Must be much harder sleeping in the summer too. Hope tonights ship passes quickly xx

    • Me too.
      It is hard when it’s light. I was so sleepy today but OH woke up in a bit of a bad mood. He was on one, the dog was on one, M only wanted me. Shifts suck sometimes x

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