Show us your positivity!

I am once again linking up to the positivity linky over at Mrs T’s Blog
I think this linky is ace because even if you’ve had a crap week you can pull something good out of it.
My week has been a wee bit crap but here is some positives

M brought home his first bit of art work from pre school. It’s awesome, it’s painted paper plates made to look like animals. We had a tiger (with lovely pasta glued around it for its mane) and an elephant. I now understand why he came out covered in PVA one day and grey paint the next.

The OH said thank you for all I’ve done

I have managed to do some more walking this week, although not as much as last.

My clothes are starting to feel a little loser

M generally making me smile when I’ve been feeling a bit crappy

That’s my positives for the week. Even amongst all the throwing up, wound dressings and general rubbishness there are some things to smile about.
Why don’t you join in to. Share what’s made your week bareable. To steal a phrase from the lovely Mrs T: everyone is fed, non of them are dead


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