Today is the sixth day

Six days in.
I am better all be it very tired. I’m a bit apprehensive about the next few days because I’m going back to work and it’s night shifts.
Three of the buggers, each 12 hours long.
Today I woke up feeling very sluggish, but forced myself and the toddler out of the door. We (well I, because he was being pushed in his pushchair) embarked on a stroll in to town because I had a few bits to do.
Over all I walked 3.5 miles today, whilst pushing a two stone toddler around so feel like that will do for now.
I’m wanting to go to sleep pretty badly, t minus 2 hours before I have to think of leaving the house for work.
How are you finding Juneathon? Do you work nights? How do you fit it all in?


2 thoughts on “Today is the sixth day

  1. I used to work nights, but no more and not during any athon. Working nights just saps everything out of you and I used to feel permanently jet lagged. Well done on the weight pushing walk and good luck with the next three days

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