Day four of Juneathon

Today has been considerably less crappy than yesterday.
I feeling slightly more alive and am no longer vomiting.
I managed to successful get the toddler to pre school on time.
I took myself to see the practice nurse about my burn. Conclusion was, not great. Got to keep going to see her every few days to get it redressed.
I had happy news about my best friends sister giving birth, and happy news concerning a lovely friend on twitter, go check out her happy news
And and and and and I managed to walk 2 miles today, not great distances by some of your standards I bet, but it was exercise and I managed it whilst feeling like cack.
Tomorrow will be a better day, I’m hoping to walk at least 6 miles so shall blog tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a lovely picture of my dressed burn. It’s weeping through

You’re welcome.


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