Today has been a…

Today has been a total bloody disaster.
I shall spin you a tale of wonder as this is how my day has gone….

Wake up to a gloriously happy toddler, back doesn’t feel too bad but still hobbling around like an old woman. The toddler very nicely led me to where he wanted me to go so I could produce breakfast for him.
Whilst preparing the breakfast and doing all the other mum jobs I decided to be nice and take the OH a coffee upstairs. He functions that much better with coffee. Kettle boils and what do I do? Reach over the steaming hot steam of the kettle and do this….


Instead of the sensible thing of immediately running said scold under cold water I go upstairs in a panic to sleepy OH who tells me to run it under cold water.
I stand there feeling a bit sick. So I sit down on the window ledge feeling even more sick. The familiar heat rising within me, the familiar blurred vision that happens just before I’m…. Yup. Throwing my guts up.
Half hour later I am struggling to get my temperature down and still throwing up quite some.
I had to vacate the bathroom for OH to get ready for work.
A few phone calls and I’ve arranged Childcare and notified nursery that M won’t be in today.
Crap… I need the bathroom again. I hammer on the door whilst apologising to the OH and run in and do my business between tears and apologies.
So here I am. In bed. With my arm wrapped in cling film because I have no dressings. Still being sick and god knows what else.
Feeling like death with a wonderful headache.
So Juneathon day three has had to be put on the back burner again as I suffer from god knows what today.
Epic fail springs to mind.
I’m going to have to push myself that much harder when I’m all better.

This email made me happy though


Last week was heavily activity laden so I must try and beat that, fingers crossed.
Must run…..


8 thoughts on “Today has been a…

  1. Oh no Emily!

    Although I remember when Harry first learned to commando crawl; while I had started running his bath he managed to actually crawl to the radiator. In the middle of November. And grabbed onto the pipe. I pulled him off and decided to call my husband at work, rather than run Harry’s hand under the tap. Still, he was fine and not burnt.

    Hope you feel better soon. xxx

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