Junethon day 30

Today is the last say of Juneathon. I must say that some days have been more active than others, but I’ve enjoyed trying to do something every day.
For instance I start nights tonight but I wanted to go for a walk. I wanted to do it. I did it so I’m logging it. 3 mile walk. Lovely.
I’m definitely on to a winner here and more than likely to keep it all up. I’ve also followed some pretty awesome blogs because of it so I’m going to call my first Juneathon a success.


The day that was Race For Life 2014

Today was my race for life.
Today was the day I totally took myself out of my comfort zone and achieved.

Waking up after working last night was tough going, I felt like I had a hangover minus the alcohol. The nerves already started.
At least I managed to put the running socks on the correct feet, which I do think may have attributed toy initial blister disaster last week.


I had to drop the OH off at a friends so he could get to work (my stupid fault! I booked him in to work without even thinking) and off I trundled, on my own to the lovely Scolton Manor.
I arrived at 9.30 and there were already quite a few people there. I sat in the car panicking because I’d put my number on my back and not on my front like everyone else. This was quickly adjusted as well as sending out a nervous tweet.


My signal disappeared soon after. Not before I saw that I’d been tagged in a lovely Facebook status wishing me luck and telling me to hold my head high.
That was the kick up the bum I needed to go out alone. I dropped my bag of donation goodies off to the donation drop off point (funny that) and took a position near the stage.



Something that I wasn’t expecting to do at the race for life was cry.
My heart broke from the stories that were told, but nothing was quite as hard as the minute silence. Many a person cried and I really struggled to keep it together. I cried for everyone who had lost and who wasn’t with us anymore. I felt drained. The presenter who was from a local radio station reminded us that the people who weren’t here were indeed looking down on us… More tears.
The fun soon started and the atmosphere started to build as we approached the 11am start time.
Here, look at me taking a selfie and then taking one of the presenters taking a selfie. So we were taking a photo of them taking a photo of us. It was quite funny.





Next was the cancer slam dance/warm up which everyone took part in! It was ace and I didn’t totally did feel a bit silly doing it, but it was fun.
It was strange because even though I was there alone, not amongst a group or have my family there supporting me, I didn’t feel alone. It was a lovely atmosphere.
We were separated into three groups:
Runners- under 25 mins
Joggers- 25mins to 45 mins
Walkers- over 45 mins

I placed myself in the Joggers, confident I would do it.
The start was delayed but once we got started it was clear to see jostling for position was difficult. Some people jogged a little then started walking. That was frustrating because some of the course was single track and so you were held up.

(I have been reminded by the OH that this was a fun run and as such I shouldn’t be too cross)

It was a really good course though, proper cross country everything was faced and my trainers really did help and do me well.
It was baking hot and some parts of the course were exceptionally exposed, I have new found respect for marathon runners.
I’m not going to lie there were parts I had to walk on because I had outpaced myself. I tried to keep up with women who could jog faster than I could. Or better still overtake them.
So that’s lesson one.
Lesson two was that sun cream was a must as was my bottle of water.
Lesson three was that I really shouldn’t give a whoha about what I look like.
The solidarity was amazing.
The finish was amazing, the clapping, the cheering, the high fives. Wow.
I could easily get addicted to that buzz as well as the amazing sense of achievement!
I completed my 5K in 43 minutes bang on. It was wonderful. I could have done it a little faster had it not been for the obstacles of single track but it was still finished within the allotted jogging time frame. It was still and always will be an achievement and has set a fire inside me.
This is the start.
I want more of these


I am now in the bath basking in my achievement and planning my next event to take part in.
I’ve made the first step in getting a better, healthier lifestyle for me. I am pleasantly addicted to this.
I have also raised £248.00 (a friend have me £5 towards my efforts) which is also phenomenal.
There is still time to sponsor me. If you go to http://www.justgiving.com/emilyamorgan you can make a little donation if you’d like.
Thank you for reading 🙂

Juneathon day 24 and 25

Juneathon day 24 was a total write off. Urgh my god what a day. Full of crying and general crapness. Work was crap.
Home was crap.
All I can log is my patrols.

Yesterday was a little better on all fronts (just). To be honest I’ve been struck by a case of the black dog. It’s made it’s presence known and I’ve tried to shoo it away, or ignore it, but it’s here. It’s not a very big black dog at the moment. It’s just hanging around.
I felt pretty angry and confused yesterday so when I got home from work I left the OH to sort out dinner and I put my kit on and took to the fields. I managed a 12.5 min mile. I was ecstatic and continued on for another mile and a half before my blister became very problematic.
I must say though I felt so much better. My mood improved. Running the frustration out was the best thing I could have done.
So yesterday was a good day.
I’m feeling fairly confident for Sunday actually and that I will do it in a fairly okay time for my first race. I’m just hoping this is the start of things to come.

Juneathon day 23

After checking the weather forecast this morning I realised today was my last day to really enjoy pure unadulterated sunshine before I’m back on shift.
This being my basis for a picnic somewhere nice with the toddler.
Sandwiches made, bottles of water ready we set of for a drive to our pre picnic destination.
I decided to park a bit away from our picnic place of choice and walk there. You see the walk was along the costal path and through tunnels. They boy is obsessed with everything Thomas including, yes you guessed, tunnels.
I decided (foolishly) to try break my trainers in some more. Big mistake. Anyways I took some pictures for you of the coastline and M enjoying himself in the stroller.




A beautiful walk in the sunshine enjoyed by all. Apart from my feet.
The picnic was nice, we had a stroll along the beach front and then walked back through the tunnels.
The was was 3.80 miles.
Didn’t quite get my goals on the fitbit so I knew I had to so more.
After plastering myself up I went on another brisk stroll. I unfortunately had to change in to my flip flops for that. When we got home from strolling and some shopping I still felt a big blergh. Even though everything was green I needed to do more.
On went my kit and away I went for a little run. I managed a bang on 14 minute mile, that’s 38 seconds less than a mile yesterday. Going down is good. So to sum up my day I choose this photo


Oh and if I haven’t mentioned already, I’m doing race for life on Sunday and if you would like to sponsor me you can either here or by texting QFRN97 and the amount you’d like to sponsor to 70070 I’m wanting to raise £300 and am £60 short of my target so far. Sorry you only have to endure my beggingasking until Saturday.

Juneathon day 21 and 22

Yesterday, I am not going to lie was a very quiet day on the exercise front. I had a killer headache from working nights and having toddler in the day so yesterday was a R and R day.
I slept till 1500 had cuddles with M, prepared dinner for us all, waved OH off to work and popped M to bed. I did 30 sit ups and then had a well deserved beer. It was gorgeous and went down a treat. So yes, as far as Juneathon goes, yesterday was a big fat fail.
Today we had to go to a birthday party. It was the first party M has been invited to since starting pre school last month. The party was outdoors and in a park. There was lots of running around and playing. Lots of lifting toddlers on to slides and pushing on swings. It was a lovely afternoon but me being the idiot that I am ended to horrendously sunburnt. Maybe horrendously is too strong a word but I am certainly sunburnt.
After much frivolity this afternoon and seeing my mum who is getting better thank goodness, we came home and started the end of day ritual. I cooked OH dinner when he came home and decided to sync my fitbit. I was 2347 steps short of my target.
I needed to try my new trainers and the more miles running socks I bought so decided to put on my kit and get out side.
Now, since my operation I have only walked I haven’t jogged or ran, but tonight I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. There is only a week till I take part in race for life! (If you wanted you could sponsor me here
I managed to run/jog/plod the 5K in a time of 43 minutes. I’m quite happy with that. I was averaging a 14 minute mile. I fell over twice (it was cross country over lovely fields that horses have used and have dried rather bumpy).
I now have a blister, very achy muscles and a bit of a sore ankle but god did it feel good. My goal was to complete the 5K between 35 and 40 minutes. I honestly don’t think that this is unrealistic but if I finish in a time of 43 minutes I will be equally as happy especially considering the unfortunate set of circumstances of late.
So my fitbit is my friends, everything is green. I am happy, here have a photo of me post run


How is your Juneathon going?

Juneathon day 20

Juneathon day 20 started off well considering I had reached half of my fitbit goals by 0530. Thank you patrol!
(Only positive from last nights night shift).

The day then became progressively slower. M didn’t have preschool today so I totally took advantage and had a lazy day with him in order to try and get some much needed sleep. Sleep wasn’t totally easy but I did run up and down the stairs to reach some goals. I’ve managed 4.5 miles today, 0.5 miles below target and 9,937 steps only 63 behind target which is pretty devastating. I’m on the computer to ugh so moving around isn’t as easy 😦
I can already predict how tomorrow is going to go: sleep central! Major headache right not and over 6.5 hours left in work.

New trainers

So I have two pairs of trainers, they’re both road running trainers apparently. One pair are more fashionable and have been fine for use in the gym. The other were dirt cheap and a stand in (I had to prove I was serious about all this exercise malarkey)

I have mahoosive feet, size 8 to be exact. I didn’t appreciate how bloody difficult it would be for me to buy a pair of trainers.
I also realised that is be more suited to trail trainers because I go off the beaten track a little.
Here in lies the problem, I liked the Adidas kanadia, loved them in fact but they come up small so I couldn’t get them *sobs*
I’ve ended up buying a pair of karrimor trainers.
These ones

I really like the look of them and after trying them on they felt lovely. Bonus was they were available in a size 9 as karrimor also come up small.
I’m yet to put them to the test but I’m now a little scared they’re going to be rubbish. I decided to google reviews on karrimor trainers and runners world were less than nice about them.
Am I wrong to be scared?
We shall see.