Pick a positive or two!

The very lovely @8TOZERS has opened a new weekly linky that’s full of positivity! This is in light of her new blog which you can find here
It’s a new place for positivity and happiness and has produced this shiny new lovely linky! So without further a due, here is what’s been positive this week:

I’ve walked miles and miles and miles this week. I’ve done this for many reasons, one of which being recovery. It will help the muscles to repair. It’s good for my health too, that’s another reason and good training for my race for life. Also, the car is busted for the time being. OH has been working so I’ve been carless.

Another positive is the amount of giggles and laughs I’ve had with my beautiful little boy. He is so flippin’ amazing!

Another lovely positive was the sunshine today and sharing an ice cream with my boy. Also I bought a new book to make up for my trainers being out of stock.

This has been nice to think of positives, it’s actually just improved my mood greatly!
I shall be doing this linky every week, why don’t you join in too?

Here’s M enjoying his ice cream 😉



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