June a what? I hear you hark.
Juneathon, yup that’s right.

I shall explain.
I follow a brilliant blog that really does help motivate me to want to stay fit and healthy and to not shy away from running, despite being a plus size one.
It’s a blog by the lovely @fattymustrun you can find her blog over here
I look forward to seeing her blog posts in my email inbox, so as a got snuggled in to bed and checked my emails there was one such blog post. It was entitled “what does June have that May doesn’t?”
Well the answer my dear friends is Juneathon. It’s a challenge that runs, rather funnily through June. It’s a way of you to challenge yourself every day in June by doing some form of exercise activity. It sounds great and Julie’s results last year were phenomenal. It seems to fit in great with the fact that my first race, even though informal, is at the end of June.
So my next port of call was to go here and see what I had to do to join in.
So I joined and am now a participant!


This is all a bit exciting really! Thank you Julie for once again inspiring me.


5 thoughts on “Juneathon

  1. Good for you! I started something last year on my Wii fit, but my daughter laughs at me, so I stopped. However, I’m getting quite squidgey so I need to do something!

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