Walk walk walk

I’ve been trying to walk a lot recently as a means of recovery to help myself heal internally and as a means of getting back in the game.

I have 33 days till my race for life and I’m bricking myself because I don’t think I will e able to jog it all now that my training has been on hold for almost 4 weeks (stupid operation!)

I’ve managed to walk over 8 miles in the last two days, if I continue on this stretch I know I’m going to be able to walk the race for life no issues, I’m hoping to be able to jog some.

I thought that all the walking would make me feel aces. It does when I first get home then the naughty negative thoughts creep in. So to keep myself going I’ve put this as my phones background


I am going to keep reminding myself this and I’m not going to give up. This is the start of massive changes.


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