Good bye muffin top

I don’t even suppose this warrants a blog post, but who cares? It’s my blog after all!
I have some smartish black trousers I used to wear when I was a carer and they gave me a slight muffin top. Wasn’t so bad because the tunic hid it (until I ha to actually move… Oh and breath)
When caring was no longer my occupation they were shoved into the wardrobe.
I have to wear smartish black trousers on the the bar, but because the muffin top grew I just wore my black combats (my OH is the bar manager and I’m a supervisor so I got away with it… Sort of)
As you do on a glum Saturday afternoon you try on clothes to see if they fit again. So out came the black trousers.
On they went and…. Ta da!!! No more muffin top!!! I am ridiculously pleased with this. It means I am doing something right.


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