Let’s talk periods

Yup, let’s talk periods.
As you may (or may not) know, I had an operation nearly three weeks ago (three weeks Saturday).
I awoke on the Friday, after a night shift in crippling agony and decided I needed to go to the doctor and couldn’t put it off.
The doctor did his stuff after I hilariously scared the shit out of another doctor. (I went into the wrong doctors room, sat patiently waiting when a doctor walked in, stared at me in stunned silence and said “well this is weird”. He was fine once I explained what I had done wrong)
Anyways, my lovely doctor told me it was either my appendix or a ovarian torsion, he told me to pop to hospital to get assessed by the surgical team.
Assessing happened, blood taking happened, form filling happened. Theatre time booked.
When I came around from surgery I was a bit of a mess. I apparently went in to a bit of shock. I do remember crying and asking whether James (the anaesthetist was cross at me, why he’d be cross at me I have no idea!).
Anyways after some lovely gross liquid morphine I slept and had the all important discussion with the surgical team.
My appendix had been removed as well as a ruptured ovarian cyst.
A what?! Huh?!
Yes Miss Morgan, a ruptured ovarian cyst. There was a lot of blood and water and icky stuff ( this isn’t how they said it but it’s what they meant) which was close to infection. We removed the cyst, you were in surgery longer than we anticipated. Ovarian cysts are common place but the rupturing isn’t. Now it’s happened once it could happen again. Good news is though that as your appendix was removed, which was also inflamed, if you get the pain again we know what we are dealing with. Thank you and good day.

So this now got me to thinking. Could this have been the reason I miscarried? Had it been there all along? Is this now going to affect my chances of having another baby?

It also got me thinking about my cycles. They haven’t been the same since the miscarriage. So I had put it down to that, but could it be cysts? Could it all be connected.
I was due two days ago. That would be 28 days. I’m late. I have no thoughts of being late due to pregnancy because sex has to happen for that to be an option. I’m thinking my lady bits are in a bit of distress.
So I need to keep an eye on things.
I’m sure I will talk about it again. Maybe this explains the slight break through bleeding I’ve had. Who knows, but monitoring is a must!


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