Hello mr sunshine

Hello me sunshine, how very nice to see you.
It’s glorious outside today and I’m quite relieved at that because the OH is working and gone off with the car. I have a vehicle here at my disposal if needed, it’s a big ass 4×4 though and is quite heavy to drive. My belly button is still sore as it heals (it’s taking it’s time and has been a bit weepy) so I don’t really want to drive.
This meant I had to take the toddler to preschool by the method if walking.
Low and behold it’s been nearly three weeks since having my operation and not much physical activity has happened.
I walked in to town with the toddler Saturday and that was as far as I’d gotten really. It also really quite took it out of me.
The OH was also working Sunday and I needed to do an emergency walk in to town to get bread and dog food. My dog is fussy so I really did need to walk in to town to buy a certain dog food I would know she would eat.
No walking has happened since Sunday.
It’s so glorious today so I didn’t mind having to take M to preschool one bit. I pushed him along in his pram and he was happy enough. Walking back home with an empty pram though got some weary looks, as did my walk back to preschool. What? Haven’t you seen someone push an empty buggy to do the school run?
(It’s probably me that’s the crazy one)
It’s not a particularly safe walk as we live in the sticks a little.
It’s what attracted us to the house, far enough away from the town, but close enough if needs be.
We live on a busy B road that doesn’t get looked after all that well. It’s quite pot wholey, especially after the rain and storms at the beginning of the year. It makes me reluctant to let M walk on it because some cars really do go quite fast. You can go a few minutes with seeing no cars or walk the entire stretch seeing no cars but you can also get five or six exceptionally fast cars all in one go.
Once you get to the top of the road we have to cross a very busy main road. It’s an A road but it’s a road that leads from one destination straight to the M4 corridor so it’s fairly busy. Also a fast road. Anyways this is background for why I was the crazy lady with the pram.
I picked M up and had to pop into town for a few bits. On my walk in this morning I noticed a new walk through which I knew had taken place but didn’t know where it was so we went that way in to town. Gently strolling, it was lovely because M was able to walk safely, no vehicles around, the occasional bike, but he got to skip, jump and ask what everything was.
We got what we needed from town and came that way back up to his preschool before I strapped him back into the buggy.
All in all, today I’ve walked 6.5 miles and I’m really happy about that. Of course the sunshine helped but I was thinking on my way home, with a coat and good boots the walk in the rain wouldn’t be too bad either.
It felt good. It felt good to get out and about and I feel like I’m going to be able to get some much needed training in before race for life. Today has been a good exercise day. Today is a good day.

(Just as I’ve published this, I received a notification to say this is my 100th post on my blog! I’m pleased it’s a happy blog post!)


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