Sunshine it makes me happy

Sunshine is great.
I’m still not allowed to drive and the other half has a long day of working today (he’s still there).
I knew he was quiet this morning and he suggested M and I stroll down to see him and he would treat us to breakfast. As it happened we had already had breakfast but I fancied making the lost of the weather without having to stay at the house all day.
Out came the stroller so we trundled off in to town. It’s a really scenic walk but we have to cross a horrible main road.
We got into town and went to see the OH and ended up staying for quite a while. M loved the sound checks because he’s really into music and when the DJ started, lots of dancing happened!
He thought it was great, there was a band member break dancing to the DJ’s music so M tried to copy, it was hilarious and cute. He’s so lush.
We went for a wonder around down to do a little shopping and get the OH some lunch.
My friend then came to see her OH who is engineering with mine and brought her little boy along too. There’s 5 months between the two of them so they played lovely together. We popped to the park and played on the round a bout and the swings. It was lovely to be outside in the sunshine and to have a nice catch up with some much missed friends.
I am home and and exhausted, my belly is hurting and the wounds ache. It was a lovely day but full of physical activity, the most I’ve done in ages and it’s taken it’s toll and made me feel a little tired.
I’m going to have a shower and cwtch up to read my book, perfect night to end my lovely sunshine filled smiley day.


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