First week done

M’s first week of preschool came to be yesterday.
He’s loved it. He’s happily gone off with not so much as a backwards glance.
Yesterday he was a little quieter going but I think that was tiredness more than anything else.
It’s exhausted him. It’s been good for him. It’s nice for him to socialise with little people.
I’m a wreck about it all, but I’m a worrier so it was bound to cause me some sort of mild panic.
I’ve had to wake him from an afternoon nap that was turning in to a sleep.
A few early nights are in order to get him back to normal so he’s ready for more adventures next week.

Things I’ve learned about preschool
bitchiness from mums can start straight away
not all parents particularly care about how their kids behave</ema backpack is needed for M to take his stuff in. Sending him with my baby bag is overkill
I’m not ready for my baby to grow up


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