Pre school gitters

My boy is 2 and a half.
We have reached a milestone in his little life because it means he can start pre school.
It all started with a message from my lovely friend Mrs J this weekend and now I’m sat this evening knowing the boy starts tomorrow.
Tomorrow *gulps*
I’m scared. He will be this, this I’m even more sure of having spoken to my mum. It’s me that’s the issue.
I’m scared about embarking on this journey of school, having to meet other parents. Having to socialise and talk. Considering I can be exceptionally chatty I’ve become rather crap at social situations. Especially ones that involve other parents.
Anywho, M is very excited about school. I am very nervous about it all. I shall tell you how it goes tomorrow, I know there won’t be any tears from M… Oh no, he will run off with glee and have lots of fun with all his new little friends. I on the hand will be left, standing in the corner, a crying wreck as I watch my baby grow up.


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