At this moment in time, I’m in bed, feeling incredibly sick and tired. Not forgetting the pain I’m in.
Other half is downstairs cleaning and being a domestic god.
I’m here, feeling lonely, hurt and generally bloody awful.
I need to eat to take my pain medication but feel too sick to eat.
I feel like I’m moaning on when in reality my operation was a fairly small on compared to others.
Operation I hear you set, why yes, that’s how I spent my bank holiday weekend. In hospital having emergency surgery.
I have had my appendix removed as well as a cyst that had ruptured leaving a bloody fluid filled mess it it’s wake.
I am bruised beyond from several failed attempts to put a cannula into my veins. Never mind the bruising around my wounds. I have horribly greasy hair and generally look like crap. All I want to do is sleep. The pain is too much today. I want a hug. I want my mum. I feel like a child. I feel like I should be up and about doing more.
I’m feeling guilty.
God damn guilt, it’s always there isn’t it? Always in the background ready to strike. Well it’s here. I’m guilt ridden. I feel awful because I’ve had to have surgery and people are having to alter plans to suit me. I feel horrible.


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