Pick a positive or two!

The very lovely @8TOZERS has opened a new weekly linky that’s full of positivity! This is in light of her new blog which you can find here
It’s a new place for positivity and happiness and has produced this shiny new lovely linky! So without further a due, here is what’s been positive this week:

I’ve walked miles and miles and miles this week. I’ve done this for many reasons, one of which being recovery. It will help the muscles to repair. It’s good for my health too, that’s another reason and good training for my race for life. Also, the car is busted for the time being. OH has been working so I’ve been carless.

Another positive is the amount of giggles and laughs I’ve had with my beautiful little boy. He is so flippin’ amazing!

Another lovely positive was the sunshine today and sharing an ice cream with my boy. Also I bought a new book to make up for my trainers being out of stock.

This has been nice to think of positives, it’s actually just improved my mood greatly!
I shall be doing this linky every week, why don’t you join in too?

Here’s M enjoying his ice cream šŸ˜‰



One step too far

I know I’ve already posted my, What I read this month post, but I had to write this now before I forget and I don’t want to have to wait till the end of June to tell you about it.

I’ve just this moment finished a book by Tina Seskis called One Step Too Far.

Okay, where to begin?
Emily Coleman has a secret. A deep dark secret.
She had a seemingly happy marriage, a beautiful son and the house of her dreams.
One morning in July she ups and leaves to start a new life in London, under a new alias.
Can running away from her past solve all of her problems? Or will they eventually catch up with her?

I started reading this 2 days ago and haven’t been able to put it down.
I didn’t see the twist coming and my god, it broke my heart. I cried. Proper gut wrenching sobs. I’m a big softie I know, but it tore me to bits.
There were several other parts of the book too that kept me guessing. It was such a fabulous read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I wanted to know how Emily could leave Ben and Charlie. What her reasons were. I was not disappointed with this book and seriously, if you want a good read, go purchase this! I loved it.

I bought this book for my own personal enjoyment, with the intention of including it in my June, this month I read post. I just couldn’t wait that long to tell you about it!


June a what? I hear you hark.
Juneathon, yup that’s right.

I shall explain.
I follow a brilliant blog that really does help motivate me to want to stay fit and healthy and to not shy away from running, despite being a plus size one.
It’s a blog by the lovely @fattymustrun you can find her blog over here
I look forward to seeing her blog posts in my email inbox, so as a got snuggled in to bed and checked my emails there was one such blog post. It was entitled “what does June have that May doesn’t?”
Well the answer my dear friends is Juneathon. It’s a challenge that runs, rather funnily through June. It’s a way of you to challenge yourself every day in June by doing some form of exercise activity. It sounds great and Julie’s results last year were phenomenal. It seems to fit in great with the fact that my first race, even though informal, is at the end of June.
So my next port of call was to go here and see what I had to do to join in.
So I joined and am now a participant!


This is all a bit exciting really! Thank you Julie for once again inspiring me.

This month I read…

This is my this month I read post that I shall be linking up to the lovely @mutteringmummy monthly blog link. It’s a place for you to share all the awesomeness that you have read this last month.

So without further a due, here are the books I have read.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Leuithan
Two teenagers, both of the same name meet in an unexpected corner of Chicago. Both totally different in personality but end up influencing each other’s lives by a mutual love (different types of love) for Tiny Cooper.
Throw in the most amazing musical that’s ever been created and that is Will Grayson, Will Grayson in a small nutshell.
I absolutely adored this book. I am big into teen/young adult novels and this was sent to me as a gift by my awesome little sister. She felt I needed it in my life to cheer me up.
I couldn’t put it down, I laughed and cried and felt it was exceptionally well written. I felt like I was a teenager again, but desperately glad that. Don’t have to go through the toils of being a teenager.
There is so much campiness in the book it’s electrifying and so worth a read. I don’t feel like what I’ve said has done it any justice.

Just what kind of mother are you? Paula Daly
There is a predator on the loose, picking up young pre pubescent girls.
What if your best friends daughter was one of these girls to be taken? What if unlike the others, she wasn’t let go? What if by some awful set of circumstances it turned out to be your fault? This is the situation that Lisa finds herself in.
I enjoyed this book. It’s set in the Lake District, which I enjoyed because I’ve read a lot of American books recently, so it was nice to not read with an American accent in my head.
I have read other reviews of this book and Lisa grates on some peoples nerves. I liked her. I identified with her. She harbours a lot of guilt and is so ridiculously busy something about her resonates in me.
I didn’t guess the ending like others claim to have, I found the twists and turns interesting and intriguing. It also makes you very aware that the life people show you, isn’t always the way it is behind closed doors.

Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant all by Veronica Roth
I’m lumping all three together, with it being a trilogy and all.
These books are set in a dystopian world where at 16 you have to choose to either live within the faction you have been brought up in, or leave and join another faction. Faction before blood is what all of the members within this society believe. The story centres around Beatrice (Tris) and Four (Tobias) who are divergent, but are they?
As the trilogy goes on many things are revealed.
I loved Divergent and Insurgent. To the point where I annoyed the OH by being up till god knows when reading. They were interesting, fast paced and I quite frankly couldn’t put it down.
I liked learning more about the society they lived in and how the different factions held different aspects of personality in high esteem.
I also enjoyed the love story element too.
I found Allegiant more of a struggle to begin with. Once I’d really started to get into the book again, it seemed as if Veronica Roth was exceptionally aware a deadline was looming and she appeared to rush her writing. This disappointed me as I’d found the trilogy exceptionally strong.
I liked Tris a lot and found her to be an interesting character. The characters that grew through the trilogy were intriguing too.
What really annoyed me as well, which has nothing to do with the books really is that Divergent and Insurgent were Ā£2.50 on the amazon kindle store but Allegiant was double that, plus a little more. It seemed grossly unfair. Like I said though that’s not really a gripe at the books.

If I had to pick one out of the five I managed to read this month I would recommend Will Grayson, Will Grayson without a shadow of a doubt. It was incredible. Everyone needs a bit of Tiny Cooper on their lives.

Walk walk walk

I’ve been trying to walk a lot recently as a means of recovery to help myself heal internally and as a means of getting back in the game.

I have 33 days till my race for life and I’m bricking myself because I don’t think I will e able to jog it all now that my training has been on hold for almost 4 weeks (stupid operation!)

I’ve managed to walk over 8 miles in the last two days, if I continue on this stretch I know I’m going to be able to walk the race for life no issues, I’m hoping to be able to jog some.

I thought that all the walking would make me feel aces. It does when I first get home then the naughty negative thoughts creep in. So to keep myself going I’ve put this as my phones background


I am going to keep reminding myself this and I’m not going to give up. This is the start of massive changes.

Good bye muffin top

I don’t even suppose this warrants a blog post, but who cares? It’s my blog after all!
I have some smartish black trousers I used to wear when I was a carer and they gave me a slight muffin top. Wasn’t so bad because the tunic hid it (until I ha to actually move… Oh and breath)
When caring was no longer my occupation they were shoved into the wardrobe.
I have to wear smartish black trousers on the the bar, but because the muffin top grew I just wore my black combats (my OH is the bar manager and I’m a supervisor so I got away with it… Sort of)
As you do on a glum Saturday afternoon you try on clothes to see if they fit again. So out came the black trousers.
On they went and…. Ta da!!! No more muffin top!!! I am ridiculously pleased with this. It means I am doing something right.