This month I read

I’m not usually a link up type of person but this link seemed right up my street. It’s a link by muttering mummy. You can find her fab blog over here
This linky (my kindle keeps trying to put kinky) is about the books you have read this month. This month I have been a bit slow on the reading and have  only managed to read one book.

The book I read this month however is fab. I really enjoyed it. It’s called Mother Mother and is by Koren Zailekas. It’s a thriller that’s is told from three perspectives.

Rose, the possibly crazy teen.
Will, the son blinded by love and Josephine, the other from hell.

I found this is real page turner even though I managed to guess parts of the story, I sit really enjoyed and for a debut novel, it is great.
I found the characters believable and the situation fairly believable. Just how far can someone go to keep up appearances and make everyone think you have the perfect family?

I have started several books recently that I will tell my opinion on next time. I just desperately wanted to join in this time, all be it a rather rushed post and review.
If you like an easy thriller that will keep you on the edge but isn’t too gruesome, this is for you.


10 thoughts on “This month I read

  1. mutteringmummy says:

    This book is on my to buy list already so I was very glad to see that you enjoyed it 🙂 Thanks for linking up xx

  2. mutteringmummy says:

    This book is already on my to buy list so I am very glad to see you enjoyed it! Thanks for linking up 🙂 xx

    • emilygoesforit says:

      No problem, it was great. I’ve also got what kind of mother are you?
      Both bought for me for Mother’s Day 😉 xx

      • mutteringmummy says:

        Oh shall need to check that one out too. Not very traditional but I’d love that for Mother’s Day lol xx

      • emilygoesforit says:

        He knows I love reading so what better gifts? I had also said I didn’t want chocolate etc as was trying to be good at the time 😉 xx

      • mutteringmummy says:

        He did good!! I’ve been with The Husband for 8 years and he’s bought me a book as a present once lol xx

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