Night terrors

Cold sweat.
Seeking out a hug.
Back to bed.

That’s how it was the night before last and that’s how it was last night minus the clarity, wakefulness and talking.
I have a lovely cut on the inside of my lip and was actually convinced I’d end up with a thick lip as a food connected to my face.
Poor boy. Poor poor boy.
I was tired and scared as I will admit I did shout after he kicked me, and I did place him back in bed. He just pulled the covers up over his face and was quiet, as if nothing happened. I was awake for another hour, worrying in case it happened again.
I have been googling night terrors today and there are many conflicting pieces of advice, from both professionals and sufferers. Some say try wake and comfort, others say let them thrash it out. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for them. Tiredness can be a factor, so this is what I’m thinking for my beautiful little M.
He’s so tired, we’ve been so busy, he’s been busy and as a result been pushed from pillar to post a little. Routine has vanished. He’s had little holidays with Nanna and Bampie. He’s been out to play, he’s been swimming. It’s all been a bit much I think.
So plan, bath, cuddles, bed. A few early nights and hopefully we can help ease the distress of the terror.
Funny thing is, he’s fine in the morning, I’m the one who is most distressed.


One thought on “Night terrors

  1. Flower had night terrors & we were told not to wake her because she would get more upset. The tip that worked for us was to make a not of what time they happened and go in fifteen minutes before and disturb her, not enough to wake her up but just enough to shift her to a different sleep pattern. It cured them.

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