Night shifts

Night shifts always throw me off. Always. The first is generally the hardest. Up all day, go to work, up all night.
Only this block of night shifts is going to be even harder. Usually after that sequence of events it’s home time, then sleep.
This won’t happen tomorrow. Oh no, what will happen tomorrow is:
Go home, wake up OH; hope and pray M stays asleep; try sleep for an hour or two; cope with sleep deprivation and looking after toddler.
Yup… Chances are I will get no sleep. Childcare is sparse so I’m having to do nights and have M in the day.
The OH is working during the day, he will be home between 3pm and 3.30pm. When he gets home I may have the opportunity to sleep for an hour, I then have to be back in work for 6.30pm. He’s also working tomorrow evening so he’s going to be tired as he’s doing splits.
I then repeat this process on Friday.
How oh how am I going to survive on such little sleep?
Why oh why do we put ourselves in suck precarious situations.
Fact: when I get run down my kidneys are the first to play up and/or lead to urinary tract infection/bladder infection/kidney infection.
What started niggling this evening? You guessed it, my kidneys. My left to be exceptionally precise. The one I have scaring on.
Wish me luck. Training is out the window the next few days.


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