Soup soup soup

I’ve been working days this week and unfortunately have been getting home quite late so running on the track has been impossible due to living near no street lights.
The OH has said he’s going to get me a head torch so I can train in the dark.
Anyways lack of training means I have been very good and mindful with my eating.
I made a mahoosive vat of soup on Wednesday night, it fed myself, the OH and M for 3 nights. It’s beautiful easy to make and full of goodness!

Look at it in this picture bubbling away


Just looking at it makes me hungry.
It’s got very simple ingredients, they are: carrots, swede, potatoes and quorn chicken style chunks.

You basically make a load of vegetable stock, any will do but I like oxo.
Into the stock you put your chopped up swede and carrots.
Wait for the stock to come to the boil, add your potatoes and quorn chicken style chunks and wait for the veg to get soft.
I also add a little salt and pepper as seasoning. Done.
A very healthy meal!
We love it in our house an if I’m hones is quite happily eat it every night of the week, but the last 3 will have to do haha.
So that’s been my dinner, for breakfast I’ve been bringing in a little bowl of cornflakes mixed with all bran. Not frosties, bog standard cornflakes. I initially felt like I was eating cardboard but have come to really enjoy it. It’s also doing wonders for making me regular (too much information?) I’ve also been reading up on the qualities of bran and I’m definitely going to keep eating it!
For lunch I’ve been having a sandwich and a bag of crisps (can’t deny ones self too much).
What I’m amazed at is I haven’t been overly hungry between meals, I haven’t snacked and I’ve drank so much water I feel in constantly on the loo. So healthy eating is going in the right direction, I just need to crack a good sleeping pattern and them I’m well on my way.
One thing that helped is my moods are improving slightly but I’m putting this down to light mornings. Nothing ever feels as bad when it’s light, bright and dry.
Tomorrow is my first day off so a jog in the morning then a trip to the beach, I may make more soup because I am slightly soup obsessed!

I have only mentioned quorn chicken style chunks because as a family we are quorn obsessed. This isn’t sponsored or anything in any way shape or form. It’s just a love of a product I’m sharing


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