Outdoor jog in the bag

Tonight was my first outdoor jog.
It went better than I could have expected. It lasted 40 minutes. Total of 45, the 5 minutes were walking to open the gates and then close them.

You see, I live next door to my landlady, and she is a big trotting racer. She’s constructed a trotting track to train her horses on.

It’s a fair wack around an covered in sand. It’s difficult to jog on but oh dear god did it feel good!


That’s my view and a section of the track. It felt good to get outside, the ache in my legs feels good. I feel my body has had a thorough work out. I got hot and sweaty but it didn’t seem to matter so much with the breeze.

I think I found it easier due to there being more to look at than a point on the wall.
I’ve now got the runtastic app which measures distance and time so I shall use that the next time.

I’m feeling damn good!
Here have a picture of my flushed face!



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