Half assed effort

I’m due. I hate the time of the month when Aunt Flo pays a visit. I don’t do it very well. I suffer terribly and can be a crank for a few days before.
My kidneys always ache and I feel terribly sick and heavy.
I am usually in bed for the first day and then reborn a different woman.

So I’m a cranky, belly aching, kidney aching mess right now. I am trying to remain positive and smiley and sickly cheerful. Everyone knows I’m doing the race for life so I’m having to put the hours in.

After the ache in my hamstrings (apparently that’s the technical name for the god awful muscle pain I experienced in the back of my legs, who knew) I had a few rest days. During my rest days I stayed away from the gym and went walking on the beach and what not.

Tonight was gym night.
Well I’ve just got out at 0533.
I wasn’t really feeling it, so it was a half asses attempt. I only did 2.5K, completed in 25 minutes so consistent with the times I’ve been doing. I feel sick though and have a headache and everything else associated with Aunt Flo.

I feel cross at myself for not doing the 5K I am trying to do every time I do a training session. I feel I’ve let the side down. I am consoling myself with “well at least you went”.

I mean thinking on it, I put the effort in, only half the distance. Still I feel cross.

go hard or go home

Well, tonight (still technically my tonight until I sleep) I’m looking forward to going home.

Am I right with being so tough on myself? What do you think?


One thought on “Half assed effort

  1. I say be kind to yourself and your body, and right now your body’s saying “please let me rest!” It’s fantastic to workout when aunt flo is in town because it can ease cramps – but that workout clearly wasn’t helping :[ have you considered hot yoga instead this week?

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