Changing perspective

When Aunt Flo arrives I get crippling pain.
She arrived this afternoon. I felt horrid and still feel pretty awful.
I’ve never ever coped well with it.
I have had to come in to work, it’s my turn to do outside so I have the patrols to do. It’s a good 30 minute walk to do the patrols and I’ve completed the first one now just. I feel refreshed. Still a little headachy but generally alright. The walk was welcomed by my body, in fact I’d say it craved it.

Considering I’ve only been training a little over a week my body is slowly really wanting to do it. Feeling bad if it doesn’t. My body is adjusting to the dietary changes, nothing is restricted but everything in moderation.

I’m feeling really quite happy that I’ve decided to do this challenge, it’s giving me so much focus. Focus I need.
Mind over matter.

Looking at me berating myself for only doing half the distance yesterday, I’m feeling differently about it today. I’m pleased I went, pleased I forced myself to go and my body to move. It’s better to do something than nothing at all and considering how awful I am when it’s the monthly visit from that wonderful Aunt we know and love, I’m proud of my ability to plough on.


6 thoughts on “Changing perspective

  1. You threw me way off and I am questioning, “What the heck is this blogger saying here?”. Then finally I get it! Well No! I don’t really get it being a male and such monthly calls are so foreign to my entire life. But it is something I have heard about before and this is just a completely different way of understanding the agony. I can only imagine! Great Job, claudy

  2. Felt your pain and had to reply. The menopause is getting her claws into me but dear old Auntie Flo isn’t packing her bags yet! I take one tablet of Agnus Castus a day (a herbal remedy you can get from Boots) and they have changed my life. Be careful if you don’t want to fall pregnant as they CAN increase fertility (although when I was trying they didn’t for me.) I can’t tell you how much they have improved my sanity!

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