Waking up on the wrong side of bed

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, figuratively speaking of course, because I woke on the same side I always do.

The sun is and was shinning when I got up but my little black cloud was above my head.
Tie in me being mean to the other half and stomping about like a stroppy teenager today hasn’t really gone too well.
I’ve been snappy, I’ve cried, I’ve hid, I’ve inwardly berated myself a million times today.
The only one who’s had normal today has been M, even that’s been hard work.
Our trip to the beach and park whilst lovely were not what I wanted to do today and was in fact a compromise. M was delightful, we chased and tickled and laughed and played.
It wasn’t as easy for me to pretend to be happy.
We got home, I made lunch, M also are half of mine because his wasn’t enough.
I snapped at other half some more. Sat in the sunshine and cried some more.
Went and hid again.
I’m not sure what’s brought this on but if it could politely do one I’d be ever so grateful.
I’ve been ridiculously upbeat recently is this me crashing back down?
God knows, but thank god tomorrow is another day.


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