Come on!!!!

“Come on!!!” I screamed at myself in the gym before dying in a heap.
The people in the office upstairs must have thought there was a mad woman downstairs. They’d have been right.
My god did I push myself hard.
Maybe a little too hard as I felt physically sick after.

As my OH told me when I phoned him half dying NO PAIN NO GAIN

Very true darling but jeez!

49.39 but by the time I grabbed my phone out to take a photo it was a little later.


I am getting there folks. In 3 days I have completed three 5K’s which is 9.3 miles. I have decreased my time each and every time. I am proud and feeling ready and motivated.

16 weeks and two days

I can do this. I am ready and waiting.
Let’s kick cancers butt, if you feel the urge to sponsor me please click the link here

I am now relaxing my protesting muscles in the warmth of a bath whilst spoiling myself with a face mask.



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