Training has began

In my infinite wisdom I decided to take advantage of a night shift and use the work gym during a quiet time. I allowed myself an hour to work out.
The plan was also in action to hopefully exhaust me so that when I got home I’d sleep. That didn’t work out so well, but it’s another story.

Anyway, I explained the other day how I’ve signed up for a 5K race for life. This is a mega deal for me, I’m unfit, I’m large. It’s a win win, loose weight, achieve something and raise money for a brilliant cause.

So I trundled to the gym. I put on my “gym” playlist that consists of an array of music that makes me want to move. I decided to go for it, do 5K, see how long it takes, see what my starting point is and work myself down from there.

I initially walked for 5 minutes and ran/jogged for 5 minutes. I continued this for a good 30 minutes then my feet started to hurt. I was determined to not give up. I need to prove to myself I can stick at things so I sucked it up and continued on.

I completed my first 5K in 56 minutes and 45 seconds.

Now I’m actually okay with that right now. It’s under and hour (just) so I am fairly pleased.
There are 16 weeks and 5 days until the race. I can realistically shorten that time with training right? So am I shooting into the wind if I want to completed this race in 35/40 minutes? Anything below 35 would be a miracle for me. What do you think is a realistic time frame?



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