I have my first blister

I am currently in the bath soaking my aching muscles. They ache and protest at this sudden amount of exercise.
I have completed another day of training.

Let me tell you a bit about the gym at work.
There are 2 bicycles, 2 rowing machines and 2 treadmills, there are also some weights. This gym isn’t used by many. It’s tiny and quiet and I don’t feel embarrassed there.

Tonight I had a visitor in the gym with me. This is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Not just any visitor, a colleague that I work in conjunction with. He is a police officer and incredibly fit. (Anyone is fit compared to me though).
Whilst a part of my died I’d already completed 4K so only had another 1 to go. He offered to leave until I was done, but then I’d look an idiot so told him not to worry and to stay.
I’m pleased he did in some ways because it meant I pushed myself that little bit harder. I managed to finish my 5K in 51 minutes. That’s 5 less than the first time.

So for that reason I am in the bath at 11 o’clock at night soaking my muscles because my body hates me.

I also have my first blister. I’m assuming this will be the first of many.

I have set up my just giving page now for the run, so if any of my lovely blog readers (all 3 of you) would like to sponsor me just a pound please click here and it will take you to my just giving page.


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