Tired much?

When I get tired I get really tired.
I’ve been working a lot recently, I’ve picked up extra shifts in my job and the company we run is getting busier.
I’m tired.
I don’t mind feeling tired for fun stuff though. Saturday was my only day off, by that I mean day and night off.
It was lovely. My little sister stayed over on the Friday night. Where we live there are no street lights and it was a beautiful clear sky so the OH and I showed her some constellations and we also saw a shooting star. That made her night, we both made wishes, so fingers crossed for those!
On the Saturday we went shopping, dragging M along for good measure. He had a full scale meltdown outside boots, cue the sister abandoning us like we didn’t exist. After that was sorted I treated the kiddies to a mcdonalds, they loved it. M went for a much needed nap when we got home as he was exhausted. The plan was to then go swimming to an after dark event. It was ace, we swam and messed around in the water and laughed. It was a lovely family day and evening, the sister and I had so much fun (and no arguing) that she decided to stay over for another night.
Sunday was a lazy day for me as I was back in work that night, which leads me to the title of this post… Tired much?? Exceptionally. Was it worth it? Totally.


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