Setting a challenge

So I work well when I have a challenge, I work well under pressure. I really do. I always have.
When I was in uni I worked best when I had to pull an all nighter in the 24 hour computer bay. They were my best essays.
Me and pressure do well. We’ve established that now?

Right, so I’ve decided to set myself a goal and put myself under a bit of pressure. The date is set.

Sunday 29th June 2014

That works out about as 3 months 26 days 9 hours 51 minutes and 15 seconds (at the time of typing this).

That seems a pretty realistic time frame. Oh wait, I haven’t told you what it is have I? Silly me!
I am going to do the race for life challenge. It’s a 5k run that’s taking place in my local area. All the proceeds go to chance research.

I lost my grampa to cancer very suddenly, I know several people affected by the awful disease and it gives me a fitness goal.
I am going to be registering once my debit card comes through (totally different story).

I’m hoping by telling everyone it will give me the kick up my ass that I need.


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