Feeling rusty

*fires up the old blogging fingers*
Well, I feel a bit rusty. Apologies for my sudden and apparent abandonment. I’m sure my 5 readers have really missed me *cough*

So what new? How are you? All good and well I hope.

Oh I’m fine you know. Life seems to consist pretty much of work. I’ve lost 8lbs though, yeah get me.
I’ve been trying and using my little monster as my motivation.
We’ve been putting our wellies and our water proofs on and going for adventures gaoler. He loves it, I love it and it gets me back in the “I want to exercise” frame of mind.


This is my cheeky chappy on one of our adventures.
I’m waking more, I’m desperately trying to enhance my mood. I’m listening to music that makes me want to move and be proactive in all of this. I’m looking for positives. I mean today I’m shattered and cold, but a positive is that I walked roughly just over a mile today and the 3 days previous, and that’s whilst working. I’ve listened to some ace music and have been introduced to more amazing bands by a colleague. See, positives!

My next available day off is Saturday, the OH will be working so I’m going to get out and about with M. I’ve been researching good nice walks in my area, despite living in the county when growing up, I haven’t explored it enough and I do live in a beautiful area. I’ve chosen a intermediate walk, it’s about 10 miles from my house so I will drive there. It’s a circular walk that’s 9 miles, I’ve walked this before as a child but not the full wack, I’m looking forward to it. We shall take the pram and a packed lunch so that when M gets too tired I can push him (shame this role can’t be reversed!).

So that’s a very brief catch up. Thanks for reading if you’ve stuck around.


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