Yes yes yes

I know you’ve heard it all before. I know I’m a broken record. I am annoying myself.

I have exercised! I have started a food diary! I have been good, but I’m exhausted. I’m emotional. I’m struggling to find enough hours in the day. Yes yes yes, I’ve told you all this before, I know I have.

I am liking yoga and have started running again. I am trying to keep as positive as possible but for now k am going to go to bed and sleep.


Done and done

Well, I told you all about the Shredtober challenge when that was going and I’m sure I mentioned how the group has restarted in January.
I signed up straight away but unfortunately I got down on myself when I failed the first hurdle. You see, I have started working full time, 12 hour shifts. My pattern is 3 nights, 3 off, 3 days.
The 1st of January was the start of a block of nights. I had every intention of shredding but failed. Coming home, going to sleep, spending time with M was my priority. I told the ladies in the group how I felt I’d failed. I received much support so I decided to revise the plan.
I decided when on nights I won’t shred, it’s a near impossibility. So I thought I’d shred on my 3 off and on my 3 days, that’s 6 days of non stop shredding. Good plan?
Well yesterday was my first day off. I spent the vast majority asleep and then had a massive headache. Not ideal. I came to realise that my first day off, after nights is going to be a write off.
This is what I want to do. I want to exercise and I’m not looking for excuses.
I did actually exercise today though. Twice, one after the other.
First off I completed 20 minutes of yoga. That flew by! Wow that went quick. I really enjoyed it. It made me feel lovely and calm and like I wasn’t really doing exercise but man did I feel those moves.
I then used that positive energy to do the shred. Thought I’d do level one because It has been a while since shredding. I forgot how much I dislike level one. I am not doing level one tomorrow I’m going to do level two. I know it’s been a while since doing it all but it upset me how hard I found it really. It’s made me feel more determined to get back on track.


Favourite past time

My all time favourite part-time is reading. It always has been, it always will be.
I have no  embarked on my full time jobness, and it has been rather quiet in work. The bad weather is causing absolute mayhem.

Anyway, back to the point. I love reading and this week I have managed to devote more one, not two, but three books. All fabulous reads fire different reasons.

The first book I read was a book by Camilla Lackberg, it’s called The Ice Princess. If you have an Apple device with the 12 days of gifts app, this wonderful book was one of the gifts. It’s a thriller, crime novel. Ridiculously easy to read butan actual joy to read too. It was clever and not overly blood and gore-Esq. There was actually a love story amongst it. It was a very sad story to when you get down to the nitty gritty. I would love to say more about it but I’d hate to spoil any of the details. If you have another wonderful device of the kindle variety or a device that supports the kindle app, this wonderful book is currently free. Go go go, download it now!

The second book I quiet happily demolish in one 12 hour night shift happened to be a recommendation by the lovely @8Tozers who blogs over here at mumblingsontheverge. It’s book that her daughter had, which her daughter had given her permission to read. There were conditions though and that many not breaking the spine or dog earring the pages. I asked what the book was and was told it was called 13 reasons why. I looked it up, it didn’t cost to much on my device so I have its go, the blurb was pretty ace. The book is by Jay Asher. If put it in the young adult gene. I’ve always liked going adult books. I will give any book a read. This book was compelling. It’s about a girl who commits suicide and then her reasons why. Now I haven’t told you anymore than was in the blurb. It’s very cleverly written, the perspectives are illuminating and the flow of the novel is intriguing and compelling reading. It also leaves you thinking. I like a novel like this, it’s one I would recommend in a heartbeat. Although the topic is actually extremely heavy, it is actually a very easy read.

The third and final novel I have thoroughly enjoyed is the one that made me cry like a baby, I was happy that my colleagues appeared to disappear for a while so I could cry in peace. It’s a book by John Green called The Fault In Our Stars. I don’t even think anything I can say about it would do it also falls on the remit of young adult. It’s a book that everyone should read.It’s a book that is set to break your heart. If it doesn’t at least make you shred a tear… well. It’s very witty and despite the subject matter (teens suffering from cancer).
Beautiful piece of function and I can’t wait to read some more of his books.

Sorry if I’ve bored you with all of this, I just wanted to share some wonderful books I’ve read and think others should two. Especially the last two, I appreciate that crime novel aren’t for everyone.