2014 is approaching

So I am sure you’ve already noticed that I have been more than a little quiet on here recently. I haven’t really wanted to share how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been feeling up and down. Down and out. It’s been a roller coaster. Having the monthly so put a nail in the proverbial coffin.
So yes. It’s been an emotional six weeks. However, 2014 isn’t too far around the corner and a change gonna come.

I’m sure you all remember the Shredtober challenge I partook in. Well ladies and he gents, the group has reopened and is happening again in January. I am jumping on the basis deacon again and taking part. I know it’s going to be harder than October because from the 1st Jan, I’m working full time, but that means a minimum of four gym sessions a week, which is cracking. I’m going to get myself a personal target of loosing a stone and up to 6 inches. Going from the results I saw with Shredtober these seem achievable.
Ready to start another journey with me? 


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