Never under estimate the power of tea

Today, I woke up feeling tired. Mainly because, when I was waking up it was half past 5 in the morning! Secondary to that, I hadn’t managed to drift off to sleep until 1am.
The reason I was awake at that god forsaken hour, the OH was getting up and ready for work. He has an awful cough bless him, and it woke me. Going back to sleep usually isn’t an issue, but… Yes there is a but, M was awake. Crying. His nappy had exploded (not a poo explosion! Thank the lord) it had literally burst, he had drank so much water and squash during the day that his poor little bladder expelled it all in the night.

Baring in mind I wasn’t totally on the ball at that god forsaken hour, I stripped him, put clean PJS on, and realised the bed was full of little jelly crystals. M had to come in to bed with me.

M has been awake since 6.30am approx, awake and wanting cuddles. Darling boy, mummy loves you but then is not the time to want cuddles. I obliged on the cuddles front, I mean I do love a good cuddle. I dozed on and off, he watched cbeebies. Then the dog started barking. Time to get up it would seem.

Even though I am bare bones tired, I feel a bit more like me. Yesterday afternoon helped leaps and bounds it really did.

In preparation for my 12 hour night shift, I am relaxing a little, baking a lemon drizzle cake and drinking some tea.

Never under estimate the power of tea!


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