I’m somber today.
I have a thumping headache, I’m beyond tired… I’m feeling empty.
I’ve had more blood taken today. I didn’t get seen by a doctor and the nurses weren’t as nice as the other day. Or they didn’t seem to be, to me anyway. I suppose why should they? The event has happened.
The weather today is glorious though. The frost was beautiful this morning and the sun was shining.
I’ve been for a walk, I have managed to do shopping, I have cleaned parts of the house and I’m cleaning the oven. I’m probably avoiding feelings, but I’m home alone and don’t want to dwell too much.
I’m going to heal and I’m going to get better, I’m going to go for a run once I’ve healed and I’m going to take some positives from this dire, horrible, upsetting situation.
Bare with me please. I will do this.


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