We all have songs that get us pumped right? Get us wanting to move? To jump around? Go nuts? Inspire us?

I have several. I am going to share a few of them here with you. Maybe then, if you want, you can leave me a cheeky comment telling me what songs never fail to get you moving or help you feel better.

I have one song that it doesn’t matter how I feel, always managed to cheer me up and make me want to be productive.

Funny thing is, this song has no words.

It’s a song by 65daysofstatic, it’s called Radio protector. It’s a beautiful song that just builds.

Okay, a song from my playlist I have entitled “Gym” for when I go running.

this song helps me push the barrier. I have had the privileged of meeting Sian Evans in the flesh. She’s lush.

This is DJ Fresh ft Sian Evans, Louder

This next song is self explanatory, it always makes me go nuts

Breakn’ a sweat by Skrillex

I also seem to respond well to angry songs, this song paces me, I love it beacuse it features Pink, and I love her

This is, Won’t back down, Eminem ft Pink

Like I said, this is all music that makes me want to continue and makes sure I do continue, my next and final choice to share with you is this…

There’s a total of 36 songs on my gym playlist, all ranging vastly musically.

What gets you moving and helps keep you going?


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