Getting back on the horse?

So…. how are we all? Oh grand!

Really? That really happened? Wow… I have missed a lot.


Me? Oh you know…. fine… Bit cross at myself. Bit tired. Bit deflated.

Shall we get to the good news first… I have neither lost weight nor put it back on in my absence.

That is good. That I am proud of.

In myself I am feeling exhausted and blergh.

I have given in and had chocolate, I haven’t been sticking to my healthy eating as rigorously as I had been. I am struggling to motivate myself as I have been working crazy amounts of shift. Split shifts are a killer.

I really do not know how these people who have children and jobs and what not find genuine time to work out. I have struggled to find time do my dvds and to actually feel up to doing them. I have been exhausted. I have been getting headaches caused by such tiredness.

I have been emotional and snappy and generally quite unpleasant.

I have been missing the exercise but as I have said, there hasn’t been time. Get up earlier you say? On paper I am sure that sounds fabulous, but when I am getting in at 3am at the earliest, and have to be back in work for 10am, if it’s a choice of an extra half hour in bed, apologies if I take that option.

Anyways, I need motivation, I need that massive kick up my ass. This is the first major blip, and as you can see I more or less disappeared as I was embarrassed about me not sticking to it all. I am back, and I am getting back on the horse I guess.


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