So I’ve been M.I.A recently. For this I apologise. Shifts break me. Working 10am till 3pm then 10pm till 3am isn’t easy going. Especially when it’s 20/30 minutes travelling each journey. That’s 3 hours of travelling. That’s automatically 12 hours. The 6 hours in the afternoon are spent seeing M, catching up on business related stuff, trying to do housework, the bedtime routine and making dinner.
The 6 hours between the mornings is spent attempting to sleep… This week though I’ve been having to get up at 7… That’s a grand total of 3.5 hours sleep.
Safe to say I’ve struggled to do exercise. I have stayed on target eating wise, but exercise wise, not a hope. I’m disappointed in myself. I’m not working as much this coming week so I’m hoping (amongst several ridiculously early nights) to get back on my exercising mission. I’ve missed it.


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