30 day shred day 19

My plans never go to plan.
I am full of cold. Typical, but I think it’s because I’ve ran my body down in to the ground.
Anyways, I didn’t managed to shred over the weekend due to crazy work schedule. I didn’t manage to shred yesterday because I was feeling so blergh.
Today I have completed half of my new Jillian DVD, the blast fat and speed up metabolism one. That’s intense. I felt a bit weak from it all. I then shoved the 30 day shred on. Level 3. Done.
That’s a total of 40 minutes exercise so far today. If I do the other half of the DVD later on and shred again that’s 80 minutes of exercise and hopefully will help me catch up on the fact I didn’t manage to exercise over the weekend. I start another block of shifts tomorrow, the split ones. I plan on being slightly more organised on the exercise front though and scheduling in time to shred. I want to be able to take a photo of myself on Sunday and see a difference again.

UPDATE 22/10 @ 20.30
I managed to do a second shred today. Don’t know whether it’s been wise to do so. My bladder seems to be sore again. I think I’m going to have to go to the doctors again tomorrow.
I have managed to do 60 minutes of exercise today though, which is grand!


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