Another week another weigh day

I knew it. I knew I hadn’t. I knew I hadn’t lost weight this week. I am however stunned beyond belief that I hadn’t put on weight. Stunned because I haven’t really exercise and stunned because I’ve been a little naught.
This week has been trying for numerous reasons.
Number one being my infection, it made me feel crappy and not want to work out. The doctor even told me to take it easy.
Reason two is… We had a meal out, it was lush, it was family time, I didn’t go nuts but I didn’t overly behave.
Reason three is…. Split shifts kill me, it’s hard to eat regularly and I know for my metabolism to work properly it needs consistency.
These may seem like excuses, they aren’t. They’re genuine reasons. I’m pleased I haven’t put on, yet I’m gutted I didn’t loose.
Tomorrow I am back on track with ferociousness. I have picked a dress that I want to wear for the staff party. I have a month to get in to said dress in my desirable size.
In the words of M…. eady, seady goo!!!!
(To you and I, ready, steady go!!!!)


2 thoughts on “Another week another weigh day

    • I’m going to give it more welly this week. I’m going to do shred every day, do my running so that’s 3 times and the do my new DVD 3 times as well, so Monday- shred and new DVD
      Tuesday- shred and run
      Wednesday- shred and new DVD
      Thursday- shred and run
      Friday- shred and new DVD
      Saturday- shred and run
      Sunday- shred

      That’s my intention anyway

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