A little under the weather

I am still feeling a little bit poorly today. It is day three of the anti biotics. I haven’t shredded in two days and I am feeling glum about it.

Not only am I feeling glum about that, I am generally feeling glum.

Today is a hoody and tracksuit bottom type day. Today is cuddles on the sofa with M. Today is wanting to eat that bar of chocolate I have been keeping in the fridge.


As well as feeling generally glum, the knot in my shoulder is flaring up, so movement in the shoulder is a little limited. This sucks. It hasn’t flared up in a while. This is an on going thing, I went to the doctors about it, she found it, pushed it, I screamed out, I was told there was nothing she could do. She explained it’s a build up of lactic acid in the muscle as it doesn’t really know what it’s doing. The muscle doesn’t know whether to relax or whether I am using it. She told me the worst possible thing I could do was not move it… um hello?! It’s causing excruciating agony! I will take on her words of wisdom today though.


I really want to try out my new dvd but don’t think I can muster up 40 minutes of energy. I am going to attempt to shred because not exercising is upsetting me. (Look at that sentence! It is actually upsetting me…. what’s happened to me?!)

I may give certain exercises a miss, like jumping, my poorly bladder didn’t like that on Sunday. I think another trip to the doctors may be in order this week. Although, where I will actually find the time to do this, I do not know. Another 12 hour day shift tomorrow, to then do a 5 hour searching shift. That means it is the start of a block of split shifts *dies* we can do this though can’t we?! YES WE CAN!!


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