No shred for me today

Like the title says. I’m also gutted.
Last night before I went to bed I went for my shower, popped to the loo and uh oh… Uti. Pissing razor blades is the only way to describe it. Bollocks.
I hardly slept last night for the constant need to go pee but not peeing. The pain. The sickness. I’m also cross at myself for not recognising the signs because I get these about 4 times a year so I’m pretty used to the build up. This time though I was caught unaware.
I had to take an emergency trip to the pharmacy this morning for some over the counter stuff. I also picked up a good few cartons of cranberry juice.
I’m working a 12 hour shift tonight so when M naps, I’m also going to nap. I need to look after this body of mine and one day of no shredding shouldn’t hurt too much. I just feel guilty and cross.


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