I HATE my boobs- A guest post

I asked on twitter for people to email me what they do or don’t like about their bodies. I asked for anything in relation to bodies, body image being the main theme.
I’ve had my first email from a dear twitter friend Elizabeth you can see her profile here give her a follow too, she’s fabulous and she’s willing to share what she doesn’t like about herself. It’s so nice that people can be honest about their bodies. I am very grateful for this post and hopefully I will have more stories to share with you.

I know most women would like to change various things about themselves be it smaller nose, flatter stomach or more cooperative hair, but I can honestly say the only thing (or things) I’d change would be my boobs. I hate them! I am a 32G with a size 12 lower half and 14-16 top (thanks to the evil boobs). No matter how much weight I lose the bastard things don’t shrink. I suppose I’m lucky in that they don’t grow that much when I gain weight, except when I was pregnant (up to an H cup) and breastfeeding (up to a K – bet you didn’t know they made bras that big!).

Before I had my children I was a 32F and was fairly miserable about it. I don’t like the inflated cost of bras for big boobs – have a look next time you’re in M&S at the DD+ bras and you’ll be surprised. I know they’ve got a bit more material but come on! And don’t get me started on sports bras – the amount of scaffolding that goes into one of mine is insane. I run to keep fit, in fact I’m running the London Marathon again next year, but having a bra which costs almost as much as the trainers is quite frankly bloody ridiculous.

I struggle to find clothes to fit because of them, often resorting to t-shirts and jeans. I can’t wear low cut tops as the cleavage is very much on display. I never ever go without a bra, ever! I sleep in a tight “secret support” top because, in the words of Miranda, “when I turn over in bed and my boobs slap together it makes a clapping sound”. Not attractive in any sense!

I don’t like the attention I get because of them. I’ve always been big busted. At the age of 15 I was a DD cup when my friends were barely filling an A. I was once complimented on my “magnificent bosom” by a (gay) work colleague of my husband, and although it was intended as a flattering comment, I felt extremely uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

I know there will be women who may be jealous of me, but I can’t understand why. If I could wake up tomorrow with a normal size chest (a D would be fine), maybe I’d be a little happier. I have pretty much constant back pain because of them. When I’m due on I can barely move without them being agony. I’m not keen on them being touched, much to my husband’s annoyance.

However, I love my bum and I have a great pair of legs so it’s not all bad! 😉


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