30 day shred day sixteen

So yeah. Today has been a bad day for how I feel about my body image. I cried looking in the mirror earlier. I feel like all of this is a bit of a waste of time. That’s the irrational side of me speaking. All these thoughts are irrational. They’re stupid and unfounded.
I had a bad food day yesterday. Not overly bad, I had a packet of snack a jacks and a Special K bar. The snack a jacks were 89 calories and the Special K bar was 95 calories. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not all that bad to be honest is it?! I mean I was still well under where I should be for my calorie intake but I feel bad I gave in.
So two bad days really.
Yes, I’ve shredded today. I tried level 3. It was hard. Very hard indeed. I will not try that for a little while again. I shall stick to level 2. I found it hard, but beyond my level of ability, even following Annitta. I’m going to call today a write off, even though I exercised and I’ve eaten well. It’s a write off emotionally.


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