Fat for cash

Last night there was a programme on channel 5 called “fat for cash”. The entire programme was centralised around women in America who weigh 400lb+ for those in the UK that’s approximately 28.5 stone, and just for consistencies sake that is 181 kilos.

These women seemed genuinely happy being the size they were. In fact, one woman said that food gave her sexual gratification and liked the sensation to an orgasm. I find that concept a little hard to believe, but who am I to criticise?
Apart from being genuinely happy with tier size they were making actual money from being this size, it is a massive fetish apparently. From recording videos of them eating, to wobbling their giggly bits around, to even just weighing themselves, these women were making hundreds of dollars for clips.
That’s strange no? One man described women who weighed 500lb+ (35.7 stone, 226.7 kilos) as a rare beauty. Exotic even.
That may well be, but what about the health implications? There was one woman who weighed in excess of 550lbs (39.2 stone, 249 kilos) and she couldn’t actually move around her house herself.
Is it right to put the body under so much stress to earn money?
Maybe I’m missing the point but it actually upset me. I felt sad that these women had done this to their bodies. I also felt jealous that they could be happy being so big. I’m no where near as big as these women, yet when I look in the mirror I feel I am. I am trying to loose weight because I’m not happy with my size and because I want to feel pretty. Yet, these women as large as they were felt beautiful!
Who am I to say they’re not beautiful. Am I thinking it’s wrong because of the images society pumps us with? What’s your take on it?


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