30 day shred day fourteen

7 days of doing level 2 now and I managed to do it all with no stopping for 5 seconds to catch my breath. That’s good right? Means it’s working?
Why do I feel like such a lump of lard?
I’m not feeling lighter, more toned or any sexier. The only difference is I’m sleeping better because between being a mum, a worker bee, a PA and all the other million and one jobs I do, I’ve been managing to sweat like a lunatic for 20 minutes a day.
Today is also a run day. At this moment in time the run can screw off, but I feel guilty because I are more than I have been last night. I ate to the point I actually felt a little sick. I had a starter and a main. The main was virtually fat free, made it myself from a slimming world magazine. We had friends for dinner.
I had a glass of wine too. Today I am wracked with guilt!! Jesus. Maybe that’s something that’s changed to. I feel bad for over indulging. So whilst I’m feeling like crap now and am saying running can do one, there may well be another blog post later. But then again, there might not.


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