30 day shred day thirteen

I really didn’t want to shred today. As I said yesterday Mother Nature arrived and we to say I was in agony this morning is an understatement! Good god almighty. I wanted to stay in bed, but being a mum M had other ideas.
We got up, I took my iron and some co-codomol and cracked on with the house work. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight, so I’ve had to make an effort to make sure the house is tidy. I felt better for doing that. I figured that sitting down was my downfall though, so I got the DVD out and did the shred. It was harder to do today, I really couldn’t be bothered but I did. I got a sweat on and I happy it’s done. The only reason I did it I think is because I’m part of shredtober and I hate letting people down and feel once I’ve committed to something I need to see it through. I just hope I continue it all once the rest stop.


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