30 day shred day twelve/running day 2 wk 2

So today I haven’t only just shredded, I didn’t my second run of the week. I was supposed to do that yesterday but life intervenes and I needed an early night. So I was good and went today.
Trust me, I didn’t want to. Half way around tesco picking up a few bits, Mother Nature decided to strike me down. Bitch. Although I had been expecting her.
When m and I got home I just wanted to curl up and die. I couldn’t do that. I needed to run and I needed to do shred.
I reluctantly put on my trainer and gym gear and trundled off. Needless to say I feel pretty good. Exercise has eased my cramps some what and I feel tired enough to know I’m going to sleep fairly well tonight. (I don’t sleep well when it’s that time, in fact tomorrow I’m probably not going to be able to do much. The pain is usually crippling once it’s got it’s grip…. That’s an entirely different blog post.)
I’m so stupidly proud of myself for doing this.
Some people I was in school with completed the Cardiff half marathon yesterday, I’m hoping by this time next year that would be a realistic event for me to partake in.
I’m really wanting this guys! I’m not giving up. 12 days of exercise, 2 weeks of wealthy living and I don’t want to give up yet!


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