Work buddy challenge!

We (OH and I) are outside contractors for a company. It’s actually become fairly full time. We have developed some really good friendships with some colleagues. It’s at this place of work that I have access to a free gym. It is at this place of work a colleagues and I have set up a bet.
We have a weigh bridge. We both weighed. We weighed the same. (Baring in mind the weigh bridge isn’t entirely accurate for people and it’s designed for articulated lorries!)
The challenge was set. 2 months from the 28th September we would stand on the weigh bridge again.
We have decided to loose 10kilos. (The weigh bridge works in kilos, 10kilos is roughly 19lb which is a stone and 5lbs).
Now, this may be a bit unrealistic we both appreciate that, but it’s motivation.
The prize for the winner?
A bottle of gin.
Technically there are no losers though as we would have lost weight, and importantly improved our health.
Here goes! Another challenge.


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