Running week two started

Lady night I started on week two of the running challenge that this app has presented me.


Looky, there’s my tick to say I did it. You can also see what I had to do as it explains in the photo.
To say I found it a bit more of a challenge is an understatement. But the third 1.5 minute run I had a stitch, I felt sick and I wanted to give up.

Guns and roses paradise city came on. This spurred me on.
The last run however I really did almost press stop on the treadmill. It was tough. Then another brilliant song came on. DJ fresh Louder. I had to concentrate on the lyrics to get me through it.

I can’t control this feeling
something’s happening inside me
our senses come alive
the chemistry is building
it’s something that we’re feeling
there’s nowhere you can hide

It’s gonna get louder
We’re gonna get stronger
We’re gonna feel better
You can’t tame this energy inside
I gotta reach higher
I wanna burn like a fire
Gotta move faster
You can’t tame this energy inside

perpetual emotion
it’s just a ripple in the ocean
a shadow in the night
changes we’re making for the better
we’re going through together
there’s nowhere you can hide

They really did help me through.
I posted those lyrics in the Shredtober group this morning too as yesterday was a tough day for everyone.
I am hurting today and about to do my next day of Shred, hopefully I won’t die haha.
I’m getting increasingly nervous of weigh day though. I’m really terrified that I haven’t lost anything. We shall see.

My dying face.


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